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THPDX Prepaid Electricity Meter

THPDX Prepaid Electricity Meter

Adopting this THPDX prepayment device can realize electricity bill prepayment. This perfectly solves the problem that it is difficult to collect electricity fees. The problem of large workload for meter readers to read meters and collect fees is also resolved. The electricity consumption state can be monitored remotely in real time. Meanwhile, the daily settlement costs, monthly settlement costs, the annual settlement costs are counted automatically. Therefore, this prepayment device is ideal for the electricity management department to carry out electricity pre-purchasing management on small enterprises, individual processing operators, and users adopting dedicated transformer power supply mode.

1. Users can use electricity only after they purchase electricity. When the electricity purchased runs out, power supply will be automatically cut off.

2. Manual meter reading is not needed. The management center controls the prepayment device through the user card or GPRS to set and query the value of prepaid electricity, read meter, and collect various information, such as power consumed, maximum demand, etc.

3. Our THPDX prepayment device consists of the main switch, transformer unit, dedicated transformer collection terminal, multifunction meter and other accessories. The dedicated transformer collection terminal has passed the test of Electric Power Research Institute and it can be connected with the electricity consumption information system of the power companies. It communicates with the master station in compliance with the DL/T645-1997 protocol.

4. The control box is equipped with three-point type cabinet door lock and anti-theft waterproof lock. The box door also has lead sealing. The door switch of the measuring cabinet detects and records the state of the cabinet door. When the door is opened illegally, an alarm will be issued and the power supply will be cut off. When the electricity left is not much, our prepayment device may cut off the power supply or issue audible and visual alarm to prompt the user to purchase electricity.

5. After power outage, data recorded in the product will be protected automatically. In case of no electricity, the data can be stored for more than 10 years.

6. The metering accuracy of the current transformer is Class 0.2.

7. The switch inside the metering cabinet has high quality, high reliability, no noise, and long service life.

Main Technical Parameters
Item Data
Operating temperature (℃) -20~+55
Rated voltage (V) 220/380V, 12kV
Operating voltage of the control box (V) AC220
Range of application (KVA) 10~3150
Power consumption of the control box (W) ≤300
Average power consumption (W) ≤20
Controller power consumption (W) ≤2
Data retention time 10 years
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