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Solar Distribution Board

Solar Distribution Board

Our photovoltaic power distribution cabinet is applicable to the solar power generation system with the capacity of 500KVA or below. Adopting our company's own patented technology, this product combines the functions of inverters, combiner box, DC distribution cabinet, and AC distribution cabinet. It has metering, lightning protection, reverse power protection, telemetering, telesignalling, and other features. After connecting the solar panel with load or power grid, the power distribution cabinet can form an independent power system, grid - connected system, or hybrid system, and it can supply power to the AC and DC load simultaneously.

1. Metering Function

The photovoltaic power distribution cabinet can automatically measure the photovoltaic generating capacity, mains electricity consumption, and the power delivered to the grid.

2. Lightning Protection
With lightning protection function, our product is free from damage caused by external lightning invasion and overvoltage.

3. Grid Connection Function
Our product can automatically detect the alternating current output from the inverter and the public grid AC power supply, and it can automatically connect the two.

4. Reverse Power Protection
In an irreversible system, when power is transmitted reversely to the public grid, the photovoltaic power supply will be cut off automatically. When reverse power disappears and the forward power meets the pre-established requirements, the photovoltaic power supply is automatically put into use.

5. Communication Function
Our product can transmit several kinds of information, such as switching status, photovoltaic generating capacity, etc., through network to the upper computer in real time.

6. Easy Installation
The direct current output from the PV modules can be directly supplied to DC loads. After connecting with the AC power supply of the public grid, the alternating current can be supplied to AC loads. In addition, our product has the same size as existing mainstream distribution cabinets, so it can perfectly match with other distribution cabinets.

Main Technical Parameters
Item Data
DC Part
DC input voltage (V) <900
DC input current (A) ≤125A/circuit (circuit number optional)
Input power (KWP) ≤550
Rated insulation voltage (V) 1000VDC
AC Part
AC output voltage (V) 220/380V±10%
Input voltage of power grid (V) 220/380V±10%
Output power (KW) ≤500
Protection grade IP30
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