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Hydro Plant

Tellhow Hydropower Plant EPC Service
We aim to work hand in hand with our worldwide clients in converting the water potential into profitable and environmentally-friendly sources of energy. Whether you are looking for an integrated automatic station with grid connection or a small single station with manual operation for village power demands, TELLHOW has rich experience in offering complete customized solutions to generate stable and high efficient electricity.

EPC Service
In an EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) project, we can offer the following services:
1. Condition assessment and monitoring.
2. Secure financial support from EIBC (Export-Import Bank of China).
3. Power plant design, including power house, power generation and distribution systems.
4. Transportation to the site, insurance, supervision, installation, testing and commissioning.
5. Long-term service agreements.

1. Hydropower Plant
2. Reservoir
3. Dam
4. Generator
5. Transformer
6. Power House
7. Power Lines
8. Water Inlet
9. Control Gate
10. Penstock
11. Turbine
12. Water Outlet

E&M Supply