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Hydro Power Products

Hydropower Turbines and Generators
For hydropower, the selection of turbine type, generator and balance of plant technology are quite different in every case. There are no off-the-shelf solutions. Every equipment shall be tailor-made based on the conditions of each site such as the water head, water flow and plant configuration.

TELLHOW has developed high efficiency hydropower turbines. The turbine diameter of the product we can offer is 40-600cm, which is suitable for the water head of 2.3-1000m. The highest electricity generated is up to 50MW per unit.

Pelton Turbine

1. High applicable water head
2. Simple structure
3. No cavitation erosion
4. Higher cost effectiveness
Turbine Diameter0.55m~1.6m
Water HeadH=100m~800m
Water Flow RateQ=0.1m3/s~2 .5m3/s
Unit Genset Capacity200Kw~50000Kw

Francis Turbine

1. Suitable for various water head
2. Simple structure, reliable operation
3. High efficiency
Turbine Diameter0.4 m~4.5m
Water HeadH=15m~250m
Water Flow RateQ=0.3 m3/s ~25m3/s
Unit Genset Capacity75Kw ~50000Kw

Axial Flow Turbine

1. Suitable for medium-sized plants with various water head and power loading
2. Wide range of high efficiency area
3. Complex structure
Turbine Diameter 0.6 m~5 m
Water HeadH=2m~28m
Water Flow RateQ=0.5m3/s~50m3/s
Unit Genset Capacity55Kw~50000Kw

Inclined Jet Turbine

Features1. Suitable for wide range of water head due to the biasness of the blade axis and turbine axis
2. Wide range of high efficiency area
3. More complex structure
Turbine Diameter 0.32m~0.8m
Water HeadH=60m~300m
Water Flow RateQ=0.01m3/s~2 m3/s
Unit Genset Capacity55Kw~25000Kw

Tubular Turbine

1. Suitable for low water head
2. Compact structure, smaller than other types
3. Short production cycle
Turbine Diameter0.8m~8m
Water HeadH=2m~30m
Water Flow RateQ=0.8m3/s~60m3/s
Unit Genset Capacity250Kw~15000Kw

Hydroelectric Generators

A hydroelectric generator is an electric rotating machine that transforms mechanical power from a hydraulic turbine or water turbine into electric power. The product we offer may have a horizontal or vertical shaft. The horizontal units are usually small with speed from of 300–1200 revolutions per minute (rpm). The vertical unit is usually larger and is more easily adapted to small hydraulic heads.

Product Specification

Horizontal Hydroelectric Generator
Voltage Rate400v~11Kv/440v~13.8Kv
Unit Genset Capacity26Kw~50000Kw
Vertical Hydroelectric Generator
Voltage Rate400v~11Kv/440v~13.8Kv
Unit Genset Capacity26Kw~50000Kw

Automatic Control System, Excitation, Governor and HV Switchgear

Automatic Control System
SDZK system is the latest computer monitoring and control system for small and medium size power stations. It is integrated with PLC microcomputer to meet high performance of unmanned automatic control, including

1. Operation work station
2. Supervisory system
3. PLC automatic control system
4. Alarm and protection system
5. AC & DC power supply system
6. Flexible software system-operation, management, communication, measurement, etc.

SDZK Automatic Control System