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ArTu®K Switchgear

ArTu®K Switchgear

Developed and designed by ABB Company, the ArTu®K switchgear conforms to the standards of EN60439-1, IEC60439-1, and GB7251. It can be widely used in a variety of power supply and distribution sites.

1. Reasonable Design

Components, such as MegamaxF, EmaX, and Isomax S, are combined into functional units according to their respective characteristics.

2. Generic Structure
Adopting K-type aluminum profiles, the ArTu®K switchgear produced by our company can meet the requirements of various structural styles, protection grade, and service environment.

3. Standard Module, Flexible Assembly
Standard unit modules for protection, operation, transformation, and control can be formed. They are available for customers to choose.

4. Distribution Bus (Vertical Bus)
Patented special - shaped copper bus can be provided. Its connection does not require drilling, and there are special screws for fast connections.

5. Safety Protection
Zones are isolated from each other. The incoming cables and outgoing cables of the functional units are also isolated. These measures effectively improve safety protection performance.

6. High Technical Performance
Main technical parameters of this ArTu®K switchgear reaches the international leading level.

7. Space Saving
The structural parts have a high degree of standardization, generalization and seriation, which can save the storage and transport space for prefabricated parts.

8. Easy and Fast Assembly
No special tool is needed.

Main Technical Parameters
Item Data
Rated insulation voltage (Ui) 1000 V
Rated operating voltage (Ue) 690 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage (Uimp) 8 kV
Rated operating frequency 50~60 Hz
Max. operating current of the main bus (basic type) (Iu) 3600 A
Short-time (1s) withstand current of the main bus (Icw) (valid value) Up to 105 KA
Short circuit peak current of the main busbar (Ipk) Up to 254 KA
Max. operating current of the distribution bus (In) 1600 A
Short-time (1s) withstand current of the distribution bus (Icw) (valid value) Up to 75 KA
Short circuit peak current of the distribution busbar (Ipk) Up to 166 KA
Interior separation form 2-3-4
Enclosure protection class (Ip) IP30/IP40/IP55
IP30: Protect against solid with diameter greater than 2.5mm
IP40: Protect against solid with diameter greater than 1.0mm
IP55: Protect against dusts and water spray in any direction
About enclosure protection class, please refer to IEC60529, DIN40050, and GB4208
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