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5. Saudi Arabia Telecom Project
Our dual type mobile containerized power station successfully entered Saudi Arabia telecom market in 2008. The 2x30KVA generator set was housed in a common sound attenuated enclosure. The continuous operation provides prime power for the telecom mast sites.

For the application in the desert with harsh conditions, our generator sets were specially designed, capable of withstanding frequent sand storm, and the temperature as high as 50℃.

Product: Dual type mobile containerized power station (27kW)
Quantity: 56
Applications: Power supply for mast construction GSM V7/C7
Power Supply Model: Dual type supply
Time: 2008

6. CNCP Oil Drilling Field
Our cooperation with CNCP (China National Petroleum Corporation) started in 2007. The company purchased MTU generator set from us for the project in Hungary.

Product: MTU generator set (1200kW)
Quantity: 7
Application: Power supply for oil drilling equipment
Power Supply Form: Multiple parallel machines
Time: 2007

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